Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Welcome to Silver Compass Tours. By engaging our Services, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use (‘Terms’), which together with our privacy policy and website disclaimer, govern Silver Compass Tour’s relationship with you in relation to your use of our Services, website, online marketing pages and social media channels.

By engaging our Services or using our website and online marketing pages, you signify your acceptance to be bound by these Terms.

For the purposes of these Terms, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ and ‘We’ and ‘Silver Compass Tours’ refers to Silver Compass Communications Pty Ltd, t/a Silver Compass Tours, t/a Wild Heart of Italy, ABN 25 151 619 733 and www.silvercompasstours.com.au and www.wildheartofitaly.com. ‘You’, ‘Your’ and the ‘Client’ refers to you, the client, visitor, website user or person using our website or Services as relevant. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, we ask that you do not engage our Services or use our website.

“Hosted Travel Experience” means any event, tour, excursion, concert, or other such experience that may be offered from time to time by Silver Compass Tours.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use our Services.


Silver Compass Tours specialises in curating, designing and hosting gourmet and cultural lifestyle experiences. We are responsible for managing your guest experience. We offer a variety of services including but not limited to arranging and hosting tours, tour and event bookings, as well as arranging some accommodation and transport services (together the ‘Services’).

From time to time, we may use third-party facilitators to manage additional travel, sightseeing, transport and accommodation bookings for local, regional and international events. You should familiarise yourself with any third-party terms and conditions before making bookings.


Following your initial enquiry, you will receive an online Reservation Form relevant to the tour package and travel dates you are interested in. This form requires you to fill in the full contact details for the nominated contact person for your group, the dates you wish to travel and the number of guests in your group, contact details for all members of your group, any dietary requirements or existing medical condition details of all guests, as well as an outline of what is included (and not included) in your package and optional add-on tour packages to choose from.

Spaces on our Hosted Travel Experiences are limited and subject to availability, and while we endeavour to accommodate all requests to participate in our individual tours, places are reserved on a first-come first-served basis and are secured with payment of a reservation fee.

Please visit our Bookings Procedures page for more information.


We require an upfront AUD$500 reservation fee per person to secure your place on our Hosted Travel Experiences. Please note this reservation fee is non-refundable, however it is completely transferable to an alternative tour date in future.

You will be issued with an invoice for the remaining balance payment (minus reservation fee) for your total tour package and any package add-ons at least six (6) months prior to your Hosted Travel Experience. If this payment is not received within 30 days of invoice receipt, your reservation may be subject to cancellation. Please note once you have paid in full, that 25% of the full balance payment (including reservation fee) will be considered as a non-refundable deposit due to third-party supplier booking arrangements. Your AUD$500 per person reservation fee however is able to be transferred to an alternative future tour date.

Payment plans are available in three (3) equal installments on request and incur a 15% management fee on total balance, including any add-on options.

No booking or reservation for any Hosted Travel Experience is finalised until full balance payment is received and confirmed. If a payment has not been made by the date advised by us, your reservation may be cancelled. Please see our Cancellations & Refunds policy for more details.

The final package cost indicated on our website may change when bookings open due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and local supplier increases. However once bookings have opened we will honour the advertised package cost for each year. Changes may be made to package costs on an annual basis depending on circumstances.

Children under 6 (2-6 years of age) sharing a room with two adults and not asking for an extra bed will be charged 85% of the regular adult package cost. If they require an extra bed in the same room with two adults, they will be charged at the regular adult fare. Children aged 6 and over will be charged at the regular adult package cost.


If you have paid for your Hosted Travel Experience in full and need to cancel your participation due to circumstances beyond your control, we require at least two (2) months written notice to be able to refund your balance payment, less the 25% non-refundable deposit. As we are subject to third-party supplier terms for all booking arrangements, the 25% booking deposit is non-refundable. The reservation fee is however transferable to an alternative tour date.

Any refund for medical or other reasons may be subject to the supplier’s terms and are otherwise at our sole discretion. We strongly recommend you take out travel and medical insurance at the time of booking to cover any unforeseen events.

Refunds may, where indicated, include a deduction for fees and commissions and will include any GST. Any refund may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations and/or bank fees. We cannot accept responsibility for such additional fees or costs or any discrepancy in refunded amounts.

In some cases refund and cancellation policies may vary based on an individual tour operator, event or other third party individual refund and cancellation policy. We will notify you prior to any reservation or booking you may make in the event of any refund or cancellation policies that are different to our own.

All Hosted Travel Experiences are generally non-transferable, however in some cases it may be possible depending on any issues with third-party suppliers. Where possible, if required, we will endeavor to assist you on a case-by-case basis.

This information is also listed in our dedicated Cancellations and Refunds section on our website.


We keep a waitlist for interested guests to join a tour that has been oversubscribed. In the event of any cancellations, guests on the waitlist (in order of the request being received) will be notified of the opportunity to join the tour.

It is important to also note that there may be changes or alterations from time to time to tours or bookings that are out of our control due to third party supplier issues, or due to events beyond our control. However we will at all times endeavour to inform you in advance, as soon as we are made aware of any issues. If it is a material change, we will at all times try to ensure you have a suitable alternative available.

Special Requests: While we do our best to try to meet all special and additional requests, we cannot guarantee nor do we warrant that any special requests relating to food, bookings, seating and any other requests you may make will be available. Please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate you.


Our Wild Heart of Italy Hosted Travel Experiences require a minimum of six (6) Tour Participants per Tour to operate. Silver Compass Tours reserves the right to cancel any Hosted Travel Experience in the event of minimum numbers (6 Tour Participants) not being reached. Silver Compass Tours additionally reserves the right to vary minimum numbers above or below the standard six (6) Tour Participants – these variations may be considered on a case by case basis and additional fees may apply.


From time to time, Hosted Travel Experiences may be altered or cancelled for reasons out of our control. We reserve the right to cancel, change or substitute any Hosted Travel Experience at any time due to external or third party supplier issues that may arise. If you do not want to accept the alternative Hosted Travel Experience for any reason, we will offer you a refund in accordance with Australian Consumer Law requirements.


You are fully responsible for ensuring you have made all enquiries for all Hosted Travel Experiences to ensure you are not at risk for any medical, health related or mental health related issues. This includes but is not limited all food risks, fitness requirements and travel issues you may have or which may pose potential risk. You need to make your own enquiries and consult your medical professional prior to any travel or Hosted Travel Experience. A Medical Clearance from a registered medication practitioner confirming your fitness for participation may be required for persons wishing to join our Hosted Travel Experiences.


Tour Participants will not be permitted to continue on Tours, or be eligible for a refund, if in the opinion of the Silver Compass Tours Host and/or Tour Manager that the Tour Participant’s health or conduct is placing their own health, safety or that of others at risk, or is adversely affecting the enjoyment of other Tour Participants, for whatever cause.


In some instances, visas may be required for travel. Please check to ensure you have the requisite visa, valid passport and entry requirements at the time of booking as we cannot be responsible for any issues related to your inability to travel or enter any country or zone as a result of your citizenship or other status.

We have a third-party travel supplier who is happy to assist and advise you with your visa requirements, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring you obtain all necessary entry requirements and have a valid passport prior to travel.


To join any of our Hosted Travel Experiences, you will need appropriate travel insurance, including medical insurance, to cover the risks associated with any travel, cancellation, medical or health issues.


At Silver Compass Tours, we really value your feedback. Following the completion of each Hosted Travel Experience, we send out an email survey to gather our guests’ responses to help fine tune and tailor our future Hosted Travel Experiences. These surveys are anonymous and we appreciate the time you take in responding.

Feel free to drop us a line anytime and say hello[at]silvercompasstours.com.au if you have any additional feedback for us.


We do our utmost to provide accurate information on our website, answer all your queries and ensure you enjoy our Hosted Travel Experiences. Sometimes though there may be instances where you feel your flights or accommodation, or another aspect of your Experience, did not match your initial expectations. Silver Compass Tours only facilitates the actual Hosted Travel Experience and related Services. If you are unhappy with your flight or flight seating, or there are issues with your accommodation such as level of cleanliness, food quality or room quality, it is best to take this up direct with the third-party service provider (the airline, hotel or restaurant) at the time of your complaint.

If you have a problem with a third-party supplier while on the Experience, we ask that you alert your Tour Host regarding the issue immediately, so they can assist you with your dealings with the third-party service provider if needed. Please note that it is your own responsibility to ensure that any products, Services or information available through our website or otherwise offered through Silver Compass Tours or the Wild Heart of Italy meet your specific, personal or commercial requirements. We do not warrant that any Hosted Travel Experience will be suitable or fit for your purpose or will correspond with the advertising by the venue. You agree to make your own enquiries directly with the venue if required.

If you feel you have a more substantial complaint or issue that needs to be dealt with, please refer to our Complaints Handling Policy on our website.


To enable us to offer you these Hosted Travel Experiences, we contract and work with and through a network of third party businesses and individuals to assist in the running of the Experiences. For this reason, we are not responsible for any of their acts or omissions.

It is an essential pre-condition to you engaging our Services that you agree and accept that Silver Compass Tours or Wild Heart of Italy is not legally responsible for any loss, injury or damage you may suffer related to your use of our Services, any goods or services we may offer or from any other use of the website or Services. Your use of, or reliance on, any information or materials on this website and our Services is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude all express or implied representations, conditions, guarantees, warranties and terms relating to the Services and this agreement, except those set out in this agreement, including but not limited to:

(a) implied or express guarantees, warranties, representations or conditions of any kind, which are not stated in the Terms;

(b) our Services being unavailable; and

(c) any loss, damage, costs including legal costs, or expense whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential and/or incidental, including loss of profits, revenue, production, opportunity, access to markets, goodwill, reputation, use or any indirect, remote, abnormal or unforeseeable loss, or any loss or damage relating to business interruption, or otherwise, suffered by you or claims made against you, arising out of or in connection with your use of the Services, the inability to access or use the Services, and the late supply of Services, even if we were expressly advised of the likelihood of such loss or damage.

To the extent we are unable to exclude liability; our total liability for loss or damage you suffer or incur from our Services is limited to us re-supplying the Services to you, or, at our option, us refunding to you the amount you have paid us for the Services to which your claim relates.

Legislation may confer certain rights, warranties and guarantees and remedies relating to the provision of the Services that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, including but not limited to the Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’). At no time are these statutory rights sought to be excluded.

We cannot guarantee the availability of any Experience at any time. In the event of any changes to any times, dates or venues, we will use all reasonable endeavours to notify you and where applicable, work with you to arrange suitable alternative options.


At Silver Compass Tours [silvercompasstours.com.au] and Wild Heart of Italy [wildheartofitaly.com], we are committed to protecting your privacy as a customer and an online visitor to our websites. We use the information we collect about you to maximise the services that we provide to you. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by you and adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles. Please read our separate Privacy Policy carefully. You may change your details at any time by advising us in writing via email.


We do not and will not sell or deal in Personal Data or any customer information. Your Personal Data details are only disclosed to third party suppliers when it is required by law, for goods or services which you have purchased, for payment processing or to protect our copyright, trademarks and other legal rights. To the extent that we do share your Personal Data with a service provider, we would only do so if that party has agreed to comply with our privacy standards as described in this privacy policy and in accordance with applicable law. Our contracts with third parties prohibit them from using any of your Personal Data for any purpose other than that for which it was shared.


We may from time to time need to disclose certain information, which may include your Personal Data, to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, in the course of a legal proceeding or in response to a law enforcement agency request. Also, we may use your Personal Data to protect the rights, property or safety of silvercompasstours.com.au, wildheartofitaly.com, our customers or third parties. If there is a change of control in one of our businesses (whether by merger, sale, transfer of assets or otherwise) customer information, which may include your Personal Data, could be transferred to a purchaser under a confidentiality agreement. We would only disclose your Personal Data in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances.


These Terms represent the whole agreement between you and Silver Compass Tours [www.silvercompasstours.com.au]and Wild Heart of Italy [www.wildheartofitaly.com] concerning your use and access to our websites, our Services and your use and access to the documents and information on it. No other term is to be included in this agreement except where it is required to be included by any legislation of the Commonwealth or any State or Territory. All implied terms except those implied by statute and which cannot be expressly excluded are hereby expressly excluded.


Where any clause or term above would by any applicable statute be illegal, void, or unenforceable in any State or Territory then such a clause shall not apply in that State or Territory and shall be deemed never to have been included in these terms and conditions in that State or Territory. Such a clause if legal and enforceable in any other State or Territory shall continue to be fully enforceable and part of this agreement in those other States and Territories. The deemed exclusion of any term pursuant to this paragraph shall not affect or modify the full enforceability and construction of the other clauses of these Terms.


We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms at any time. Please check these Terms regularly prior to using our website and Services to ensure you are aware of any changes. We will endeavour to highlight any significant or substantive changes to you where possible. If you choose to use our website and Services then we will regard that use as conclusive evidence of your agreement and acceptance that these Terms govern your and Silver Compass Tour’s rights and obligations to each other.


Our agreement, these Terms and this website are subject to the laws of New South Wales and Australia. If there is a dispute between you and Silver Compass Tours that results in litigation then you must submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.

Updated 23 November 2018