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An authentic taste of life in regional Australia and an immersive introduction to the emerging cool-climate Orange wine region in New South Wales, Australia.

A 1-night / 2-day hosted and bespoke Experience Package aimed at providing you with an introduction to the Orange wine region and its surrounding iconic Australian countryside, including cellar door visits, boutique wine-tastings, local dining experiences, boutique shopping, artisan visits, as well as farm gate, orchard and local produce store visits.

Your itinerary features a visit to a local Alpaca farm and woollen mill, a hosted welcome lunch, an introduction to the boutique wines of the Orange wine region at a wine bar, a traditional Australian breakfast sourced from fresh and seasonal ingredients at a local rustic cafe, and options for fine-dining or contemporary evening dining experiences.

Choose to self-drive, fly direct from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, or slow travel by train from Sydney. Basic package available to make your own way here, with add-on options if you would prefer for us to arrange your transfer to the region and accommodation.


Meet & Greet on arrival, with Silver Compass Tours gift bag and local guide books; a hosted welcome lunch, including 1x glass of wine; tour of Alpaca farm and woollen mill; cellar door visits x3, including wine-tasting fees; a boutique wine-tasting experience; breakfast at a local cafe; boutique shopping tour and lunch (excluding drinks); visit to a local farm gate or orchard; visit to local produce store; all tour transfers, transport, driver and local host. Evening fine-dining or contemporary dining experience at own expense, a one-way transfer to the restaurant of your choice is provided complimentary if required.

Package doesn’t include: transfer to Orange region and return; accommodation; evening meals; or any personal incidentals.


AUD$647.00 per person, GST inclusive. This package is available throughout the year.

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  • Transfer to Orange region by direct flight from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne
  • Accommodation – select from 5-star, 4-star or boutique cottage venues
  • Itinerary Guides and Translation Guides are available


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Kelly from Silver Compass Tours has a background in global tourism specialising in cultural & heritage tourism. She grew up in the Orange region, and her family first arrived in the region in the 1840s as pioneers. Kelly holds a Certificate of Sustainable Tourism achieved through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and love for the Orange region.


Depending on the size of the group, we may also be accompanied by a local Itinerary Guide and there are options to request Translation Guides for Mandarin, Japanese or Italian.


“The only Australian wine region – and, indeed, quite possibly the only wine region in the world – defined expressly by altitude.” – John Rozentals, Australian wine writer.

It’s the elevation of the Orange wine region in New South Wales, Australia that makes it a stand-out from other wine regions, and even other cool-climate wine regions, across Australia. It is Australia’s highest wine region and it is possibly also the world’s only wine region defined by its elevation.The elevation of the Orange region starts from 600 metres above sea level and rises to 1,150 metre above sea level – at an equivalent elevation as the Champagne region in France and the Rhine region in Germany.

Most of the region’s vineyards are on the slopes and surrounding area of Mount Canobolas, an extinct volcano. The rich, volcanic soil provides the Orange region with wines of distinctive flavour. Orange has been officially recognised as a wine growing region for the past 20 years, receiving its Orange appellation and status as a cool climate wine growing region in 1996 by the international Geographic Indicator Committee. The first contemporary vineyard plantings were pioneered in the late 1990s by three local vignerons, and their efforts paved the way and inspired an entirely new generation of wine-growers and wine-makers to flock to the region from 2000 onwards.

The Orange region now has over 80 commercial vineyards, with 38 cellar doors open to the public. The charm and the strength of the Orange region lies in its close-knit community of high quality and family-owned boutique wineries and cellar doors. Orange is now gaining significant traction with a reputation for being the cool climate region of New South Wales, with a distinct and elevated terroir producing elegant and sophisticated wines. It is poised to emerge as one of Australia’s finest wine regions and is also known as one of Australia’s best food and wine destinations.

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Package Includes:

  • Meet & Greet on arrival
  • Silver Compass Tours gift bag with local guide books
  • Welcome lunch with 1x glass of wine
  • Tour of Alpaca Farm & Woollen Mill
  • Cellar door visits x3
  • Boutique wine tasting
  • Breakfast at a local cafe
  • Boutique shopping tour & lunch (drinks excluded)
  • Farm gate or orchard visit
  • Visit to local produce store
  • Local Host, all tour transfers, transport and driver
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS available for transfers to the region, accommodation and translation guides



  • Meet & Greet on arrival
  • Welcome Lunch
  • Tour of Alpaca Farm & Mill
  • Cellar Door Visit
  • Boutique Wine Tasting
  • Evening dining recommendation
  • Complimentary one-way transfer to restaurant


  • Breakfast at local cafe
  • Boutique shopping tour
  • Lunch
  • Cellar Door Visit x2
  • Farm Gate or Orchard visit
  • Local Produce Store

*All of our itineraries are subject to change and spontaneity. It makes life more fun!