Meet the Silver Compass Tours Co-Founders

Meet the Silver Compass Tours Co-Founders

The Silver Compass Tours team is passionate about slow food and slow travel, as well as drinking great wine and meeting great locals for authentic regional travel experiences.

Kelly, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Kelly has a background in international tourism and communications, having worked for the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority during its initial destination launch phase. Kelly has also worked in regional tourism in New South Wales, Australia representing events such as Orange FOOD Week and the Orange Wine Festival. She has extensive experience in designing and hosting inspirational group tours, with plenty of practice across Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Kelly grew up in the Orange wine region, and her family first arrived in the region as pioneers in the 1840s.

Paolo, Co-Founder and PopUp Proprietor

After meeting Kelly in Abu Dhabi where he was working as a steel construction engineer, Paolo bravely arrived in Australia in 2013 with very little English and a dream to start his own ‘restaurant not a restaurant’. Discovering that the food and wine region of Orange, NSW shared many similarities with his home region of Ciociaria in Central Italy, Paolo started his Pochi ma Buoni (Small but Great) pop-up regional Italian dining experiences at local cellar doors, using the abundant fresh local produce and paired with the region’s impressive cool-climate wines. Paolo is very happy to share a taste of the *real* Italy with our hosted small group tours to his home region of Ciociaria in Central Italy.


It’s an old Norse magic talisman known as the Vegvisir (or “path-finder”), and worn by the Vikings when they set out for travel. They would either draw it on the inside of their helmets, or simply tattoo it onto their foreheads. The symbol represents the eight winds of heaven, and whichever direction they blow, if you hold this talisman the Vegvisir will always help you find your true north – and the way home. But don’t forget it’s magic, sometimes where you think your real home is, isn’t where the Vegvisir will take you.


Silver Compass Communications Pty Ltd was established in 2011 under the provision of the Companies Act (ACN 151 619 733). Silver Compass Tours was established as a subsidiary of Silver Compass Communications Pty Ltd in June 2014, with a vision to curating enjoyable food and wine travel experiences. The Pochi Ma Buoni pop-up regional Italian dining experience was established as a further subsidiary in May 2015, and is focused on celebrating the coming together of good people, good food and good wine – for good times.